Road markings & road studs
Clearview Intelligence  

Clearview Intellignece develop and create innovative road safety products providing greater time to react to approaching hazards in all conditions – from sunlight glare to after dark drizzle.

Our Astucia SolarLite road studs work in all weather conditions, extend road visibility up to 900m and are proven to reduce road casualties by 70%. Our Intelligent Road Stud installations span the globe from Surrey to the UAE.

Hitex International Group  
Hitex International Group is a privately-owned group of companies specialising in the manufacture of road surfacing, marking and road repair materials, contracting services, design and build of road marking vehicles & equipment, and decorative surface installation.
At the core of the business is a commitment to road safety, and bringing durable, cost effective, innovative solutions to clients and partners around the world.
Established over 40 years ago, we have a wealth of experience, knowledge and capabilities, and a proud heritage of providing exceptional quality and customer service. On-going investment into research and development gives us the capabilities work on the specific needs of our clients and the changing demands of the road network.
Lakeside Films  

Lakeside Films  – Providing solar powered LED cycle route products and EN1463 road studs products

Nissen Ltd  

Nissen, since 1956, has built up a worldwide reputation by continuous research and development of high quality and innovative products for road safety. The company has become a leading manufacturer in Europe with subsidiary companies in France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Spain and Switzerland. Reasons for such success are continuous innovation and high quality of products which of course correspond with national and international standards.



Offering a bright alternative to traditional road studs, the SR range of Active Road Studs provide excellent night time luminance. With an ever increasing need to switch off street lights to save energy, safety is paramount. The SR range of Road Studs have the answer, leading you safely along your route.


Stirling Lloyd  

Stirling Lloyd offer a range of highway maintenance products which are aimed at improving the quality of repairs while reducing the costs of reinstatement.

The Safetrack® range of line markings, colour demarcation, anti-skid, crack infill, overbanding and Metaset® road repair materials provide immediate and permanent reinstatements during the initial visit.

WJ Group Ltd  

WJ Group is the UK’s leading specialist road marking company, operating nationally with depots based in West Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Milton Keynes, London and Somerset providing both a local and national service in Permanent Markings, Temporary Markings, Road Studs, High Friction and Demarcation Surfacing, Asphalt Repair and Hydroblast Road Marking Removal and Road / Airfield Retexturing.

WJ Linkline Group owns and operates 205 vehicles including 120 LGV road construction vehicles and the Company’s growth and success is directly attributable to a firm commitment to Safety, Environment, Training, Service, Quality and Innovation for its customers, employees and all stakeholders.