Products & Services
AGD Ltd  

AGD Ltd is a privately owned & independent UK company dedicated to the design & manufacture of traffic detection & associated products since 1992.

Based near Cheltenham in the South-West of England, AGD boasts an unrivalled depth of technical & application expertise in traffic detection & monitoring techniques.

Clearview Intelligence  

Clearview Intelligence provides traffic data management solutions including the new M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection System. This easy to install magnetometer based system can be used to provide a more reliable, lower cost and easier to install alternative to traditional inductive loops for all proprietary traffic light control systems.




Coeval has provided a wide range of Radio Linked LED Road Signs, School Safety Signs, Vehicle Speed Signs and Overhead Vehicle Detection systems to the UK traffic control and road safety markets since 1987.

Dancop International GmbH  

Dancop International GmbH is the worlds leading manufacturer of TUV- certified Road and Surveillance Mirrors made of Acrylic and Polycarbonate material

FLI Structures  

Francis & Lewis International Ltd (FLI Structures) has been established for over 60 years and is a leader in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of tower structures and screw pile foundations.  Screw Piles, a steel foundation solution to support various highway structures in tension and compression, including Portal/Cantilever Gantries, CCTV Masts, Lighting Columns and Signs. A cost-effective solution, quick and easy to install, saving you time and money over traditional concrete foundations. For 'crash friendly products' visit the UK Roads Passive Safety website.





Hitex International Group  
Hitex International Group is a privately-owned group of companies specialising in the manufacture of road surfacing, marking and road repair materials, contracting services, design and build of road marking vehicles & equipment, and decorative surface installation.
At the core of the business is a commitment to road safety, and bringing durable, cost effective, innovative solutions to clients and partners around the world.
Established over 40 years ago, we have a wealth of experience, knowledge and capabilities, and a proud heritage of providing exceptional quality and customer service. On-going investment into research and development gives us the capabilities work on the specific needs of our clients and the changing demands of the road network.
JCT Consultancy  

JCT Consultancy are the leading provider of traffic signal design software and training in the UK. Software products include LinSig and TranEd. As well as running the annual Traffic Signals Symposium & Exhibition, we offer traffic signal related consultancy services, with a particular area of expertise in complex signalled roundabouts.


Keysoft Solutions  

Keysoft Solutions designs and develops software for traffic, road safety, street lighting and highways maintenance engineering which boost productivity, efficiency and road safety. For 'crash friendly products' visit our Passive Safety website.  


Mallatite manufacture and distribute a wide range of road signals for the road and rail lines. As technology advances, so will our commitment in providing the next generation signal and signage systems on our transportation infrastructure. Signals that we manufacture include, LRT Tram Signals – now LED versions that offer excellent signal clarity and long-term overall cost savings. Wig-Wag Signals that are durable and sturdy in construction and finally, Livestock (Cattle) Crossing Signal Equipment – approved for the use on Public Road and widely used in other livestock crossing applications such as racecourses. Another type of road signal is Jerol – the passively safe signal and sign posts. Jerol Signal poles are extremely durable, a great electrical insulator, weather and UV-resistant, plus boast a service life estimated to exceed 60 years! As technology advances, so will our commitment in providing the next generation signal and signage systems on our transportation infrastructure. For 'crash friendly products' visit the UK Roads Passive Safety website.


Mobile Visual Information Systems  
Mobile Visual Information Systems (MVIS) Ltd supplies a wide range of innovative mobile and solar powered monitoring, lighting and visual information systems.

NAL is a specialist supplier to the Traffic Signal Industry. They supply Traffic Signal Retention Sockets, SIS passively safe electrical disconnection system, Twinwall Access Chambers, Temporary Traffic Signal Foundations & Reboundable, Reflective Bollards.  For 'crash friendly products' visit our Passive Safety website.





Nissen Ltd  

Nissen,, since 1956, has built up a worldwide reputation by continuous research and development of high quality and innovative products for road safety. The company has become a leading manufacturer in Europe with subsidiary companies in France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Spain and Switzerland. Reasons for such success are continuous innovation and high quality of products which of course correspond with national and international standards.

Pike Signals  
Pike Signals specialise in the manufacture and sale of a full range of portable traffic light systems. Latest technology ensures systems are efficient, reliable, easily transportable and environmentally friendly. Equipment can operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week requiring virtually no maintenance. Hybrid, Solar, Pedestrian and remote operation systems are available.
Poletech Systems  
Poletech Systems has rewritten the rulebook on pole mounting for traffic signals, lighting columns, illuminated & non-illuminated signs, bollards, refuge beacons, pedestrian guardrails, festive lighting, poles and more. Poletech products save time, money, congestion & noise - dramatically reducing reinstatement costs. Passive safety regulations make the Poletech PUB (Permanent Underground Base) system and the Poletech PolePlug systems imperative.  For 'crash friendly products' visit the UK Roads Passive Safety website.
Post and Column Company  

The Post and Column Company have been leading the way in road signage structures and lighting column products. Our ranges have been designed for use on any roads, from local lanes to major motorways and we offer a choice of solutions depending on the project. We design and manufacture our own range of steel sign posts and lighting columns and we are also the UK’s only distributor of Jerol poles, a revolutionary impact-absorbing passive safety product for traffic signal poles, sign posts and lighting columns. For 'crash friendly products' visit our Passive Safety website.




Post Pullers   Postpullers (UK) Ltd are the only UK manufacturer of machines and attachments specifically designed for the removal of motorway barrier posts, street signage and furniture, bollards and fence posts etc. Our patent protected products are both safe and very effective, removing posts in just a few seconds.


RennicksUK specialise in providing to our clients Mobile Variable Message Signs on either a rental basis or outright sale.

These signs conform to the latest Highways Agency specifications and offer high-impact messages that are clear, concise and dynamic for various applications such as driver information on our road network including Motorway and urban roads, maintenance work zones, incident management, traffic calming and Event management applications.



Ritherdon , established in 1895, have been manufacturing a variety of electrical enclosures for many decades, supplying to a range of industries: Industrial metering panels for the electricity supply industry, for which we solved the problem of meter box repair with our door and frame units back in the 1970s.More recently we developed our feeder pillar and service cabinet ranges for the highways and street lighting sectors (including prewired). For 'crash friendly products' visit the UK Roads Passive Safety website.


Sapa Pole Products offers safe, secure and sustainable aluminium solutions. We give you the opportunity to design and create safe roads with Fully Certified (and endorsed by a Notified Body) passively safe posts and columns in all shapes and sizes. For more information (and crash test videos) please check out our website For 'crash friendly products' visit our Passive Safety website.

Signpost Solutions  

Signpost Solutions Ltd - Following a successful Management buy out from the IDEX Corporation of America in 2003, SignPost Solutions Ltd have grown considerably, not only to consolidate their position as market leaders in Traffic Engineering products such as posts and signfixings but have also led to the way in developing and establishing the concept of Passively Safe roadside structures with the Lattix sign mast system the most widely used and respected product on the market, the Kapu lighting column product and the Optimast Sign Post. For 'crash friendly products' visit the UK Roads Passive Safety website.




SImmonsigns are designers and manufacturers of high specification anti-vandal sign lighting and traffic engineering equipment, including low energy consuming LED lit signs and passively safe delineation and marker systems. For 'crash friendly products' visit the UK Roads Passive Safety website.

Solar Signs  

Solar Signs specialise in the sale and hire of solar powered variable message signs. Providing 24 hour 7 day a week operation our signs are reliable, easily transportable and extremely low maintenance

Swarco Traffic Ltd   SWARCO TRAFFIC LTD was formed on 25th May 1989 under the name of DAMBACH UK LTD, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of DAMBACH-WERKE GmbH of Germany which has over 70 years experience in the design and manufacture of traffic signs and control systems.


TMP have been the market leaders in the supply of parking equipment for nearly 10 years and have more recently become a name synonymous with the promotion of passive safety products to the Highways industry. Innovation and customer service have been the twin hallmarks of the company’s success and we pride ourselves on the ability to help find solutions to both common and unconventional problems in our chosen sectors. For 'crash friendly products' visit the UK Roads Passive Safety website.



Tofco is a family business based in the North East of England, just a few miles from Newcastle upon Tyne and its International airport. With over 30 years experience in this industry, the present Managing Director Mr. Ray Toft has developed our company into the country's leading manufacturer of street lighting cut-outs and enclosures.

The company is also recognised as one of the leading suppliers of street lighting and traffic furniture, a position which has been further strengthened by our association with MacLean Electrical, our stockists in Scotland. For 'crash friendly products' visit the UK Roads Passive Safety website.



TWM design, manufacture and installation of LED vehicle activated speed, warning and information signage

VMS specialise in the design, management and installation of a comprehensive range of LED based light technology solutions for road and rail applications. Our strength is our in-house capability, depth of industry and technical knowledge and experience established since 1988

Westcotec design, manufacture and install, a comprehensive range of quality vehicle activated signs and innovative traffic safety systems. We also provide free consultation & advice on ways to improve your accident black spots. For 'crash friendly products' visit the UK Roads Passive Safety website.