Date last updated: 19/03/2020

DELTABLOC is now proud to announce that they have recently achieved the prestigious Constructionline Gold standard


DELTABLOC is the world’s leading developer of concrete vehicle restraint systems. Under constant development, testing and improvement for more than two decades, patented DELTABLOC® concrete barriers are now successfully installed in over 45 countries across the world.

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Thirty-eight people have been killed on smart motorways in the last five years, the government has told BBC Panorama. It is the first time that the total number of deaths has been reported

Smart motorways have been criticised because they do not have a hard shoulder and drivers who break down can be trapped in the speeding traffic. The network is facing an overhaul with the results of a government review due to be announced shortly.A Freedom of Information (FoI) request sent by Panorama to Highways England revealed that on one section of the M25, outside London, the number of near misses had risen 20-fold since the hard shoulder was removed in April 2014. In the five years before the road was converted into a smart motorway there were just 72 near misses. In the five years after, there were 1,485.

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