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(Please also refer to HA-SSR letters dated 9 February 2006 and 22nd October 2007).

Please note that the Approved Road Restraint System List is now available through the Highways Agency website. The Approved List can be found in the Technical Information part of the site. Please contact https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/51 0042/List_of_EN1317_Compliant_RRS__March_2016.pdf directly where you will be able to download the current version of the Approved List.
last updated: 16/04/2020
Sign Posts| Lighting Columns| Signal Posts| Gantry Sign Supports| Chevrons, Cones and Marker posts
Redirective Crash Cushions| Truck Mounted Crash Cushions| Bollards|
Other crash friendly products which would be compatible as part of a scheme design - list is not exhaustive
Socket / Foundation Systems| Electrical Disconnection / Interruption Systems| Electrical Housings|
Further products for consideration as part of a crash friendly scheme design - list is not exhaustive
Further products|
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