Despite best efforts to improve road safety through engineering, education and enforcement measures, road crashes, by their random and multi-causal nature, continue to happen at an unacceptable rate. According to the IAM Motoring Trust, nearly a fifth of all those killed in the UK each year are involved in a collision with a roadside feature.

‘Passively safe' crash friendly roadside features, such as lightweight sign posts, lighting columns and vehicle restraint systems that offer a lower risk of personal injury when struck by a vehicle, are now being installed alongside many of our roads.

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At Passive Safety UK, we seek to encourage and develop an improved understanding of the current standards, advice and issues relating to the provision and maintenance of safer roadside features.

Our purpose is to promote better practices in the design and use of passively safe alternatives and, in addition to the information contained in this website, we also disseminate information through ‘Designing Safer Roadsides' conferences organised by TMS Consultancy around the UK. [click here for details of future events].

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